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Black wolf quadsuit still up for sale 
07:53pm 16/11/2013

Hi everybody, just a little heads up to say that I still have my black wolf quadsuit up for sale :)

Here's an overview of the measurements

Head: Medium bike helmet, but can easily adjust the strap so its comfy on your chin
Body: US women's size 7 dress pants. The shirt portion will fit a medium to large size women's shirt. I'm about 5' 3" and around 140 lbs and the suit fits with a good amount of wiggle room.
Stilts: Can be adjusted by adding or reducing pipe to the wearer's arm is nice and snuggly in the stilts
Shoes: US 9/UK 6

Please note that I will not include shipping into the final price! It will have to be weighed and checked.

If you would like to talk privately, ask about things like payments or are interested in buying him, please leave an email at random2468@live.co.uk I'm usually never on here, so an email to me is probably your best bet for getting a quick response from me:3

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Prismacolor Trade 
09:58am 29/12/2012
mood: optimistic
Hello there! I've got a large quantity of the double ended prismacolors (250+), all of the greys and most of the colors, and I'm looking to get rid of some of them. I've also got a set of 36 prismacolor watercolor pencils I'd like to trade. They're all in like-new condition, hardly ever used. Right now I'm gauging interest in getting them traded for fursuit parts. I'm willing to work with you on what you think is a fair trade. I'm looking to see if I can get a realistic head or feet.

If you're interested at all, let me know! I'd be more than happy to get a list up here of the exact markers I have.

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sale or trade!  
08:39pm 16/10/2012


Hello all!

This is my first real fursuit mask. I would like to sale out or trade with someone who is intresed!
I finished  for Eurofurence 18 and was wear it at the con for 2-3 short times.

Please, if you like to take quote for the head be reasonable! :) Thanx you.


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Trade: LED tails for fur 
01:34pm 25/06/2012
  Hello! I need to expand my collection of furs, so I want to trade one LED tail per yard of fur. Tails will be made out of the fur you send, with the tip being made out of DF’s solid long hair white. I recommend other DF furs to match, but I’ll take any long pile furs. You can order them from DF and have them sent to me, OR you can send me a yard of fur you already have. Here’s what the tails look like, in black: (I'll be retaking pictures over the next few weeks, once I have a better area to take low-light photos)

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I’ve especially interested in these colors, but I’ll take anything!


-Neon colors

-Sparkle fur (on clearance right now!)



Please ask questions! Thank you!



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Looking for Bodysuit will trade  
08:15pm 23/02/2012
mood: bouncy
Milk Old RefHi! I am looking to get a body suit for my fusona! Haha beware, EXTREMELY old ref sheet 
What I can offer for the trade
You choose how many you want and how many you think is worth it
Custom plushies
And fursuit parts- Jaws, Lips, Tongues, Noses 

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09:02pm 19/12/2011
mood: hopeful
Hey! Looking to trade this beautiful coyote partial at FC 2012 for another partial!
Head by Temperance, armsleeves with attached paws and tail by me, no feetpaws!
Comes with digital character ref (http://pics.livejournal.com/matrices/pic/0026tzrp/g45) if you'd like to keep the character!

Looking for something similar quality! She's a very very nicely done semi-realistic head. Balaclava liner inside. Like new! Handpaw's paw pads show some wear. But otherwise only worn a few times at last year's FC and to a handful of outings (that I can count on one hand). I looove her, she is a very pretty character so I'd love to see her out and about!

Trade will be done AT FC if at all possible (so we both have something new-to-us/fun for eachother to wear!) plus we can view/inspect heads during that time. Show me your photos!

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DF furs (camel, gray, and brown) for trade or sale  
07:46pm 16/10/2011
  I've got about a yard each of DF fur camel, grey, and brown which I'm not really sure what to do with so I'm putting it up for sale trade.
There's some chunks out of each of them, which I will take pictures of tomorrow when it's light out.  Prices wise, make me an offer, trading wise I'm looking for shorter (1 inch or less) furs in reddish browns and ivories or of whites.  I would be willing to trade fur plus cash for nicer furs. 

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Possible Trade? 
08:51am 04/06/2011
  So I was just curious, would anyone be interested in doing a head trade in the future?

It would probably be for sometime in August as I have a complex personal suit I need to finish first. I just wanted to test the waters and see if anyone was interested =]

Here's my FA if you want to check out my work: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/westwindhowling/

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12:11pm 01/05/2011
  I'm looking for UNUSUAL long-pile fur. By that I mean, not your typical colors/patterns.

I'm not looking for:
-natural multi-tones.
-3 tone parallelogram
-sparkle fur

Anything else, I'd love to take a look at. One of the best I've seen so far was the orange and blue spotted fur Jill0r was selling. Unfortunately, I got there too late and it was from a misc. San Fran store, rather than from online. I live in the Midwest.

If anyone has a checked (black and white) fur, I'd be interested in taking a look at that too.

Also - I'm hoping to find 2-3 yards of fur. But, if someone only has a yard, I still might be interested. I am not allergic to anything so pet-homes are fine.

*Artwork (line, digitally colored, etc.)
*Clothing items (furry hoodies -something new I'm trying out, custom crocheted items, patchwork jean skirts)
*Possible books

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Cream and/or brown fur? (maybe blue too) 
11:30pm 26/03/2011
  I'm working on ears/handpaws/tail for this character: http://flexico.deviantart.com/art/Flexico-Crux-in-color-202478744 and I can't find fur anywhere! I just need CREAM and BROWN, fluffy, and maybe BLUE, less fluffy.  

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Lime green seal fur? 
07:24pm 09/01/2011
  Anybody have any? I need about 1/8 of a yard, maybe less. I've got oodles of other fur to swap for it, it I'll pay if you'd rather have money.  

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Looking for DF Long fur in purple 1/2 yr or 1/4 of a yd 
12:20am 22/10/2010
  Does anyone have minimally 1/4 of a yard of the DF fur in purple or even 1/2 a yard they are willing to sell. My zip for shipping would be 84107.  

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Putting some feelers out on this one. 
06:46pm 05/10/2010
mood: thoughtful
Ok guys. Since I brought Cathlamet to Rainfurrest and sadly DID NOT WEAR HER ONCE, this means its time she needs to go out to a new home.

BUT FIRST... I want to put some feelers out BEFORE going in sell-mode, I'm heavily considering setting her up as a fursuit trade. If you are a fursuit maker and want to do a trade for a non-padded static-jaw-ok fullsuit of some creature (maybe this guy) for Cathlamet, think about it & show me what you've got that you've made before.

About Cathlamet:

Standing in the snow
Standing in the snow

She is a wolf, made from all-foam head construction. She was made in 2008 and has been worn infrequently. Bodysuit is made of a combo of high quality Distinctive Fabric fur, and a medium-quality grey fur. I have a small piece of the grey that can go with. Plus a pretty bandanna accessory. The head is very light, and I will be adding in a new non-balaclava liner inside the head for its new owner. Also, the footpaws and handpaws I will be making brand new to fit the new owner, and we can discuss how you'd like them to be. All padding is seperate pillow-style. And most of her construction is detailed on my website, http://www.matrices.net

Shipment will take place after the traded product is completed. If we agree upon the trade, you would be welcome to keep Cathlamet as a character, or re-name her as a new one.

About me, so you know how she'll fit:
I'm 5'5" female, 180lbs, and she's very form fitting around the shoulders. My head is 23 inches.

Feel free to comment or email

Pass this on to others who are fursuit makers who have some pictures of their work they can share with me.

Found someone to trade with! Thanks everyone!
Cross posted a few places-- so I apologise for the repetition.

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Looking for fur! 
03:46pm 31/07/2010
  I'm remaking an old head of mine and I'm in desperate need for matching fur. I don't need that much, mostly black, a bit of white and some blue scraps. The fur I'm looking for is: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4244884/, I think its DF shag, about inch long pile. I don't have much cash, so I'm thinking doing a trade of art for the fur? Or some fur in return? I have lots of different colours, just not what I'm needing. We can discuss the trade via comments or email if anyone is interested.

This is the head thats being re-made, I could be over/under estimating how much fur I need : http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1357024/

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Trade head for badge? 
08:26pm 14/07/2010
  I'm trying to find someone to make me a badge for this guy "Scooter"

was wondering if anyone would be willing to trade a badge for him for an old head of mine. Comes with free fur enough to make a tail or some paws...heres the head:

If your interested let me know :]

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Looking for some scrap DF Orange 
05:26pm 06/07/2010
  Hey there everyone!  I just need enough DF orange to make a small pair of ears from really, so if anyone's got some, I'm willing to either pay or do a sketch for some! http://www.kiyela.com is my art site for examples of such.
Need this before Otakon at the end of the month, so please lemme know if you've got any and how much you'd like for it! Thanks!


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FurryTabby Cat Fabric for sale! 
02:28am 04/05/2010


Taking offers, hoping for at least $10.

I have up for sale a lovely piece of fabric, brand new never used for a project I never got around to making! It is very silky and soft to the touch.

The size is 2m by 1.5m (that's 6.56ft by 4.92ft for those of you in the US!)

It will be shipped in a large sturdy envelope. I will ship to anywhere in the US or Canada, and will charge exact shipping. I would prefer Paypal but will also accept a postal money order.

For my feedback, please check out "soundstage64" on ebay. If you have any questions or want to make an offer please post on furbuy or email me directly at mistystargazer "at" gmail.com =^.^=

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03:29pm 16/04/2010
mood: anxious
I'm looking to buy a quarter of a yard of this fur or fur like it. I have the money on hand, but I don't want to buy an entire yard of it. Thanks!

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dark brown shag? 
06:27am 11/02/2010
  I just need 1/4 yard of it, I can offer up a large chunk of either hot pink fur (very thick very pretty, longish pile, maybe 1-1.5 in) with black feathered through it very lightly, or a "monster type" fur of a gray, red, and black, with random stripes of spotting.

Preferably a dark brown shag with a really long pile, 3in to 3 5/8 in I'm using it for "hair" on a canine head. (Mendels sells something like it).

Will provide swatch images of the two fabrics I'm offering later today when the camera's done charging.

ETA: swatches: the pink http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk223/Ghost_Remedy/pinkfur.jpg I'm offering a 19inx26in piece of this


a 19inx26in piece of this spotted http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk223/Ghost_Remedy/spottedfur.jpg

If you would like more of the fabric, the pink is more scrap and has another chunk to it about 40inx20in.

the spotted is actually a full 1 yard (70in wide).

I will take pretty much any fur you're willing to offer extra if you want the bigger piece on top of the Shag. (although turquoise fur would be a plus)

You can also have both pieces if they suit you. :) (to which the shag and whatever other fur you offer would be great)

Let me know!

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fur and other fabric for sale 
04:18pm 26/01/2010
  Well I'm going back to school for a second degree and had to move to a smaller place. In short, I don't have the space for this stuff.

Sadly my camera seems to have washed out all the fabric colors. Everything is brighter in real life.
Most of these pieces have small pieces cut out, but I didn't include the cut sections in the measurements, only usable area. Dvd shown for scale.
All asking prices include shipping within the continental US. Otherwise, let me know your location and I'll check on shipping.

Tons of pictures after the cut.

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