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Welcome to the Fursuit Trades community, this community has been set up to offer a place for people to advertise fursuit related trades.

Please read the following rules and keep them in mind before posting here.

1) This is for fursuit trades, not art trades or craft trades like jewlry and such. For those kinds of trades feel free to visit: trading_arts

2) Please be kind to other posters. If you don't like their style or their work then just don't offer/accept to trade with them, you don't have to say hurtful things.

3)You are not obligated to trade with anyone, if you don't want to, for ANY reason, then don't.

4)Fursuit makers of all skill levels are welcome here! This is a good way to get your name out there and to practice making fursuits and fursuit items but please remember not to take on a project that you know you cannot finish! Also, please make sure your skill level is somewhere near the person you offer to trade with! You KNOW what you are and are not good at!

5) This is NOT for selling, trades only! Please post all sells to fursuitauctions This also means do not advertise sells.